RICOH B110AXS MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

RICOH B110AXS MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
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Safety Data Sheet (ISO form)

1. Product and Company Identification
Product Name :B110AXS
Company Name : Ricoh Company,Ltd.
Department :Environment Safety Center, Corporate Environment Division
Address :146-1 Nishisawada, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 410-0007 Japan
Telephone Number :055-920-1471, Japan
Emergency Telephone Number :055-920-1471, Japan
Telefax Number :055-920-1479, Japan

2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
Substance or Preparation : Preparation
Chemical Nature : Ingredients / CAS.No. / Contents(%)
- Polyethylene Terephthalate / 25038-59-9 / 65
- Carnauba Wax / 8015-86-9 / 23
- Polyethylene / 9002-88-4 / 5
- Carbon Black / 1333-86-4 / 3
- Resin / Confidential / 4

3. Hazards Identification (Most Important Hazard)
Adverse Human Health Effects : Not applicable in normal use.
Carcinogenicity :
Carbon Black was reclassified as a Group 2B by IARC in 1996 based on the result of only the inhalation study in rats.
However there was not observed the incidence of tumors on the test results on dermal or oral studies.
There will be no possibility to inhale the carbon black which will not be released from the product as a fine powder.
Environmental Effects : Not applicable in normal use.
Physical and Chemical Hazards : Not applicable in normal use.
The Classification of The Chemical Product : Not applicable

4. First-Aid Measures
Inhalation : Not applicable.
Skin Contact : Not skinsensitive in normal use.
Eye Contact : Immediately wash eyes with large amounts of water.If unsuccessful,get medical attention.
Ingestion : Induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.

5. Fire-Fighting Measures
Extinguishing Media : CO2,dry chemicals,foam or water.
Specific Method : No special fire protecting method is required.

6. Accidental Release Measures
Personal Precautions : Not applicable
Environment Precautions : Not applicable
Methods for Cleaning Up : Not applicable

7. Handling and Storage
Handling(technical measures,precautions,safe handling material) : Avoid chemicals,water and fire
Storage(technical measures,storage conditions,packaging material) : Store in cool and dry place (for quality).

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Respiratory Protections : None required under normal conditions of use.
Hand Protection : None required under normal conditions of use.
Eye Protection : None required under normal conditions of use.
Skin and Body Protection : None required under normal conditions of use.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State ;
- Form :Ribbon
- Color:Black
- Odour:No odor
Information ;
- pH :not applicable / Measuring Temp.(ーC) :-
- Boiling Point(ーC) :not applicable
- Flash Point(ーC) :not available
- Explosion Properties(ーC) :This product is considered a nonexplosive material under normal use condition.
- Vapor Pressure(Pa) :not applicable / Measuring Temp.(ーC) :-
- Vapor Density(AIR=1) :not applicable
- Density (g/cm3) :not available / Measuring Temp.(ーC) :-
Solubility ;
- Water Solubility(g/L) :Insoluble
- Water Solubility Measuring Temp.(ーC) :-
- Other Solvent name :-
- Other Solvent Solubility(g/L) :-
- Other Solvent Solubility Measuring Temp.(ーC):-
- Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient : not known

10. Stability and Reactivity
Conditions to Avoid : Not applicable in normal use.
Materials to Avoid : Not applicable in normal use.
Hazardous Decomposition Products : Decomposition product will not occur

11. Toxicological Information
Acute Toxicity ;
- Acute Oral Toxicity:(not available)
- Acute Dermal Toxicity:not available
- Acute Inhalation Toxicity:not applicable
Sensitization ;
- Acute Skin Irritation(PII) :not available
- Acute Eye Irritation :not applied
- Acute Allergenic Effects :non-skinsensitive
Specific Effects ;
- Carcinogenicity:
In 1996 IARC reevaluated Carbon Black as a Group 2B carcinogen (possible human carcinogen).
This evaluation is given to carbon black for which there is inadequate human evidence, but sufficient animal evidence.
The latter is based upon the development of lung tumors in rats receiving chronic inhalation exposures to free carbon black at levels that induce particle overload of the lung.
Studies performed in animal models other than rats have not demonstrated an association between carbon black and lung tumors.
Moreover, 2-years cancer bioassay using a typical toner preparation containing carbon black did not demonstrate an association between toner exposure and tumor development in rats.
- Mutagenicity:negative
- Effects on The Reproductive System:No data is available on this product.
- Teratogenic :not available

12. Ecological Information
Persistence/Degradability:not known
Bioaccumulation : not available
Ecotoxicity ;
- Acute Toxicity for Fish (LC50) :not available (mg/kg/96hr)
- Acute Toxicity for Daphnia (EC50) :not available (mg/kg/48hr)
- Algae Inhibition Test (IC50) :not available (mg/kg/72hr)

13. Disposal Consideration
Recommended Methods for Safe Environmentally Preferred Disposal :
Used ribbon should be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner and in accordance with governmental regulations.

14. Transport Information
International Regulations ;
- RID/ADR:not applicable
- DOT 49 CFR:not applicable
- ADNR :not applicable
- IMDG Code :not applicable
- ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR :not applicable
- The UN Classification Number:not applicable
- Specific Precautionary Transport Measures : Store in cool and dry place.
- Specific Materials to Avoid : None in normal use.

15.Regulation Information
Regulations : Not known

16. Other Information
References :
IARC(1996) "IARC Monograph on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Humans, Vol.65, Printing Process and Printing Inks, Carbon Black and Some Nitro Compounds", Lyon, pp149-261
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